At a glance

Med Greece Organization is part of a group of companies, based in Athens, with a specialization in private Health Insurance and Private Medical Treatment. We are the leading Boutique Medical Tourism Facilitator in Greece because

  • We have over 30 years extensive experience in Health Insurances
  • We are more than 15 years in the Greek State and Private Primary & Secondary Health Sector and Medical Treatment


We are proud to be the first and the sole, truly independent Medical Facilitator in Greece, because:

  • We are totally autonomous from any Insurance Company, local or foreign
  • We don’t have any private Hospital and Clinic as a shareholder
  • Our goal is to continue to support in our best way, your personal interests


Med Greece Organization maintains all over Greece, a network of doctors, as well as specialized lawyers in bodily injuries and expert researchers.

Visiting Athens or Attica region for holidays or business?

Fill in all gaps in your Travel Insurance policy and feel safe

When leaving for a trip to a foreign country, you feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones with a travel insurance package.

But what you probably don’t know is that the travel insurance policy has a lot of exclusions & deductibles that leave you unprotected in case of an emergency

If you like to cover any possible need during your holidays or business trip, under one, Full Services Package Policy, Holidays Protection is the ultimate & necessary supplementary Policy to your Travel Insurance. See below what the Holidays Protection program has to offer or…

We at MedGreece understand how difficult it is to search for various treatment options, hospitals, and…

No Win No Fee: Free initial Consultation for any Legal dispute in case of…

Local Free Office & Secretarial Services, Free Consultation – Assistance for your Motor accident…

Need a covid-19 PCR Test or Rapid Test to return back home? We offer you the option to do your test, at…

In cooperation with

Do all your annual Health exams in the comfort of your Hotel room or short-term rental (ΑirBnB)

Relax, leave yourself to us and return back home younger, happier and more confident.

Combine your holidays with a shining smile and get a free Panoramic Full Mouth XRAY.

We work with recognized clinics that perform fertility treatments, helping couples or single women to have a child.

Laser treatments are simple, non-invasive, and painless surgical procedures that can be applied in many special medical cases.

Stop the pain caused by chronic orthopedic disorders and injuries by choosing modern methods of replacement surgery.

Orthodontic treatments, teeth replacement, scale & polish for the brightest smile that makes you shine.

    Get Free Consultation and Advisory

    We understand how difficult it is to research various treatment options, countries, cities, hospitals, and doctors on your own. Therefore, you can get in touch with our team to learn about the different treatment options available to you. This is done by arranging a free medical consultation for you as soon as you get in touch with us.

    Our team will help you with the various treatment options and the price estimates so that you can make well-informed decisions and avoid any wrong medical or financial calls. We give you detailed, in-depth, and genuine information and are always available to answer your queries and provide suggestions.