Holidays Medical Assistance Couples

160.00 Inc. VAT


Free Medical Services
1 Free Consultation from GP in a private Clinic in case of accident or illness
1 Free U/S Scan or 1 Free X-ray for any body part in case of accident or illness according to Doctor’s consultation.
24/7 In House Blood Taking (Hotel Room or AiRBnB)
24/7 pharmaceutical prescription
Free Consultation – Assistance for EUHC Card Holders
Free Consultation for Hospitalization in a Private Hospital if needed.
Predefined costs

TELEMEDICINE – On Line Doctor Consultation

Cost 7 € (Period of usage 1 Month. Unlimited consultancies)

One Day Clinic
O.D.C. 2 Hours 150 €
O.D.C. 8 Hours 250 €
O.D.C. 12 Hours 400 €

In House Treatments
In House Doctor’s visit (10 Specialties) 80 € – 150 €
(Costs pending on working days. Hour, Distance from the centre of Athens)
In House Triplex, U/S Scan, X-Ray 150 €
In House Heart Triplex plus Cardiogram 190 €
In House Paramedical Nursing Assistance, Physiotherapies, Wheel chairs 100€ / case
In House PCR Test 70 € – 150€ / person (Costs pending on distance from the centre of Athens)
PCR Test at the Clinic in the centre of Athens 40 € / person
Ambulance 50 €
24/7 Dental Treatments in a Private Clinic (Costs pending on Treatment)

Local Free Office & Secretarial Services
Free Consultation – Assistance for your Motor accident in case you rent a car in Athens
Free Travel Insurance Medical claim reporting – Medical claim management – Medical claim handling.

Legal assistance and local representation for the enforcement of claims for compensation for Bodily Injuries, resulting from all kinds of accidents i.e. Motor accident or any other accident arising from Third Party Liability.
Legal support and local representation, against any insurance company operating in Greece
Legal support and local representation for the enforcement of claims for compensation for Medical Malpractice, in the event of hospitalization to a Greek state or private hospital or against any other Greek Health Care provider.

Legal actions in the event of Body Injury, as a result of a Motor accident (T.P.L.) are
Preliminary investigation statement to the police
Monitoring and procuring of copies of the criminal case file
Communication with any eye-witnesses
In-depth research into conditions of the accident
Exact and complete estimation and record of the kind and amount of the claim for
Compensation for the victim
Compilation of a complete file of the accident (file notes, medical notes, photographs)
Compilation of a complete medical file in the event of body injury
Medical observation and monitoring after discharge from hospital
Claim for legal compensation from the insurance company of the responsible party
Legal Fees
Final Payment Fee at the end of the settlement, on the final amount, settled.
Final Fees include Legal services, court fees, court stamps, expenses for servicing documents, etc
No Win no Fee