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MedGreece Organization is part of a group of companies, based in Athens – Greece, with specialization in Health Insurances, Private Medical Treatment and Health Care with over 30 years extensive experience.

Leading Boutique Tourism Facilitator  in well-being, wellness and medical tourism.

Live your journey, leave your worries

Visiting Athens for holidays?

With Holidays Protection Policy, fill in the gaps & the exclusions in your Travel Insurance and feel safe.

Full Services Package which stands beside you & your family, with solutions for your emergency needs, while being in a foreign country.

Medical, Legal & Insurance covers and services, on the spot 24/7

 We take care of your family much better, than a call center of your insurance company, thousand miles away.

Enjoy your holidays and avoid the grids of a foreign Health, Legal or Insurance System, in case of an emergency.

Secure your unexpected expenses paid from your own pocket, due to your deductibles & exclusions.

The ultimate supplementary Policy, to your Travel Insurance, in your email in 1′

We at MedGreece understand how difficult it is to search for various treatment options, hospitals, and…

No Win No Fee: Free initial Consultation for any Legal dispute in case of…

Local Free Office & Secretarial Services, Free Consultation – Assistance for your Motor accident…

Our network

Specialties of doctors 24/7 for treatment in your accommodation
Diagnostic Centers - Clinics
Private Hospitals
Specialised Law Firms
U.K. Telemedicine company

Well-being & wellness while in Athens

Revitalize your body, your mind, your soul

Book your trip and leave the rest to us

Holidays & Dialysis in Athens

Combine your Holidays with full treatment

Enjoy private daily yachting cruises, Gastronomy nights, Historical walks with private guides and the best medical treatment.

LGBTQ+ & MedGreece

Proud to be the first and the sole Wellness, Well-being and Medical Facilitator in Greece supporting the International LGBTQ+ Community

Let us provide you our best treatments, while you are in Athens

  • We protect your holidays, with our Holidays Protection Policy
  • We offer you, Well-being and Wellness treatments during your stay in Athens
  • Specific Diagnostics, in the convenience of your Hotel room or AiRBnB, at amazing prizes.
  • Scheduled specialized Medical Therapies.

Our cares

Scheduled medical treatments

We arrange you transportation to our Clinics, in the center of Athens
We arrange your translation for your Medical results from experts
We offer you zero interest Credit Finance Plan for your payment

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    Get Free Consultation and Advisory

    We understand how difficult it is to research various treatment options, countries, cities, hospitals, and doctors on your own. Therefore, you can get in touch with our team to learn about the different treatment options available to you. This is done by arranging a free medical consultation for you as soon as you get in touch with us.

    Our team will help you with the various treatment options and the price estimates so that you can make well-informed decisions and avoid any wrong medical or financial calls. We give you detailed, in-depth, and genuine information and are always available to answer your queries and provide suggestions.