Sail in Greece with Peace of Mind! 

You are ready to sail the crystal-blue waters of Greece with your friends and family.

But did you know that in the areas of your Greek cruise, there is a lack of doctors and medical facilities, and your Travel Insurance Company does not have its own local network of doctors?

Your Travel insurance policy covers medical emergencies only in private hospitals.

Private hospitals, which exist only in Athens

Impact: In the event of a medical incident, returning to Athens for treatment can disrupt your entire cruise, affecting both your safety and your overall journey

Now you are covered with your 24/7 onboard Medical Assistance Policy from local doctors and clinics, no matter where your cruise takes you.

24/7 Yachting Medical Assistance Cover Policy - What is included

•Free 24/7 Onboard Doctor’s visits for Medical Assistance at 50 Greek marinas

•Free Telemedicine Service: Access to medical advice throughout your cruise.

•Free medical exams in local private clinics in case of unforeseen needs.


Without medical exclusions, medical questionnaires, or age limits.

Secure your costs for unpredictable medical expenses you have to pay from your own pocket due to your insurance deductibles, with predefined costs for your medical treatments

Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations back in Athens

With a call center available for you 24/7 located in Athens and not thousands of miles away.

Wherever you are in Greece or on your cruise, you have 24/7 coverage.

Sail in Greece with safety by completing your Travel Insurance Policy prior to your cruise.

Your benefits

Your 24/7 Yachting Medical Assistance PolicyYour Travel Insurance Policy
Local network of Doctor’s and ClincsNo
24/7 on board Medical AssistanceNo
Cover for all illnesses and diseasesNo
Local Legal assistanceNo
Your preexisting medical condition coveredNo
With predefined medical costsWithout predefined medical costs
Without DeductiblesWith Deductibles
Without medical questionersWith medical questioners
Without medical exclusionsWith medical exclusions
Without age limitsWith age limits

Enjoy the additional benefits that come with your policy, designed to enhance your travel experience in Greece.

Free Legal Assistance exclusively for foreign visitors

  • Free initial Consultation for any Legal dispute in case of an accident or any other incident arising from Third Party Liability.
  • No Win No Fee:  We offer you legal representation according to the Greek legislation, in case of bodily injury, due to an accident arising from Third Party Liability, without having to pay any legal fee in advance.

With your comprehensive coverage, you can explore Greece with confidence, knowing that you have access to legal support without financial burden.

Enjoy your trip, knowing that we’ve got your back every step of the way!

The cost of the Yachting Medical Assistance Policy is final and includes all guests listed on the official passenger list, for the entire duration of the cruise.

Select the appropriate cover based on your vessel and number of passengers. Click below and learn more about your medical coverages and the geographical areas covered, during your cruise.


Get your local 24/7 Greek Medical Assistance Policy in time.

Νo deposit required

Let us send you a friendly reminder 15 days before your anticipated visit date

*Your local assistant is always available for you 24/7!
In case of an emergency, you can get in touch with our team at our Help Desk to get a free consultation.

*Your local assistant is always available for you 24/7!
In case of an emergency, you can get in touch with our team at our Help Desk to get a free consultation.

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Diagnostic Centers - Clinics
Private Hospitals
Specialised Law Firms
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