Visiting Athens or Attica region for holidays or business?

Fill in all gaps in your Travel Insurance policy and feel safe

Are you actually safe with your Travel Insurance Policy?

When leaving for a trip to a foreign country, you feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones with a travel insurance package.

But what you probably don’t know is that the travel insurance policy has a lot of exclusions & deductibles that leave you unprotected in case of an emergency.

Even a minor incident may cause inconvenience and eventually ruin your holidays. Let alone the extra cost that you may need to cover.

Usual gaps in your Travel Insurance Policy

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Age limit, up to 65 years 
  • Accidents from sports activities (e.g., football, cycling, water sports, etc.)
  • Medical emergencies such as allergies, sunburn, inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, hypertensive events, heart attacks, hypoglycemic episodes, vascular events, sudden viruses, dizziness, vertigo, gallstones, urinary tract infections, incontinence, pediatric cases, dental cases and many more, related to previous medical conditions.
  • Exemption from 500 – 1000 € (depending on the contract). This means that travel insurance covers medical expenses after 500-1000 euros, which must be paid directly by you.
  • No travel insurance offers legal coverage in the country of destination.
  • Citizens of non-EU countries, e.g., the UK, Russia, the USA, etc., are not entitled to the European Health Card. This means that they cannot be hospitalized in a state hospital in the country for free.
*Your Travel Insurance Policy is activated ONLY in case of severe injury or illness!
If that would be the case, we will transfer you to the hospital iindicated by your travel insurance


If you like to cover any possible need during your holidays or business trip, under one, Full Services Package Policy, Holidays Protection is the ultimate & necessary supplementary Policy to your Travel Insurance. With your Holidays Protection Policy, you get:

  • 20 comprehensive local medical, insurance & legal services
  • Secure costs for unpredictable medical expenses you have to pay from your own pocket due to your Travel Insurance Medical exclusions and deductibles
  • Without age limit / Your pre-existing medical condition fully covered
  • Without medical questionnaires.
  • Predefined costs for medical treatments.
  • Cover accidents that occur from amateur sport and/or leisure activities, which your Travel Insurance Policy excludes.
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and long waiting lists in Greek hospitals.
  • Free consultation for your hospitalization in a private or state hospital
  • Free consultation for EU Health Card cardholders
  • 24/7 Complete & In House Medical Treatments at special prices
  • 24/7 Dentist Clinics
  • Local Legal protection from lawyers specialized in bodily injuries
  • Local Insurance assistance for all Claims (Travel, Motor)
  • Your policy and all necessary information at your email in 1′

Your local assistant is always there for you!

0030 216 900 3333

In case of an emergency, you can get in touch with our team at our Help Desk to get a free consultation.

Medical Coverage

We at MedGreece understand how difficult it is to search for various treatment options, hospitals, and doctors, legal or insurance advice while being in a foreign country. Especially when there is an emergency incident! We are here for you every step of the way, in order to have the care and treatment you need and deserve. 

How it works

Step by Step

Step 1

Free telemedicine.

If you need special medical advice, we provide you with a telemedicine link where you may check out your symptoms or talk online with a doctor, for medical advice in English.

Step 2

If the telemedicine doctor recommends that you should be examined by a doctor at your accommodation, you may call our Help Desk again, to arrange a doctor’s visit, at a pre-fixed price.

Step 3

If the doctor advises you to visit a hospital, we will send a private ambulance to transfer you to a private hospital, at a pre-fixed price. You are entitled to a free examination by a doctor (or pediatrician) and also 1 Free U/S Scan or Free basic Blood Test or Free X-ray, according to the doctor’s consultation. In case you need One Day Clinic stay, the cost is pre-fixed and you will be informed before your hospitalization.

We make sure your children are safe

The first concern of every parent is to safeguard the health of their children. This can be an even bigger challenge during a trip to a foreign country.

Holidays Protection has signed an agreement with the Pediatric Department of the private clinic “Athens Medical Center” for a free visit to a Pediatrician 24/7. We have also ensured for you many other benefits regarding your children’s medical treatment, at a very low pre-determined cost.

More services from Holidays Protection

  • Free initial Consultation for any Legal dispute in case of a motor accident or any other incident arising from Third Party Liability.
  • No Win No Fee: in case of bodily injury due to a car accident, we offer you legal representation without having to pay any legal fee in advance.

At the end of the legal procedure, and only after you receive the compensation (according to a court decision or an out-of-court settlement), you pay the legal firm a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation. You do not pay anything before you receive it!

  • Local Free Office & Secretarial Services
  • Free Consultation – Assistance for your Motor accident in case you rent a car in Athens
  • Free Travel Insurance Medical claim reporting – Medical claim management – Medical claim handling

PCR Test for your returning home?

Special prices for Holidays Protection program holders

If you need a covid-19 PCR Test or Rapid Test to return back home, we offer you the option to do your test, at the convenience of your hotel room or short-term rental. Get the results translated at your e-mail, the same day, with a clear reference of your passport number.

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