Concluded by and between:  www.Medgreece.eu ,registered at 1st Floor, 159 Idomeneos St, Athens Greece 131-21 Ilion

Company’s TAX No 800653596

Greek Chamber of Commerce No 352184

Greek Company’s Commercial Code No  134268703000


Hereinafter referred to as the MEDGREECE I.K.E.. And the second party hereinafter referred to as the Recipient or Patient,



MEDGREECE I.K.E.. acts as an independent medical tourism facilitator and agent of selected Medical Care Providers in Greece and Cyprus. MEDGREECE I.K.E.. facilitates contact between the Patient and the Medical Care Provider before and after the treatment.

2.The aim of MEDGREECE I.K.E. is to provide their clients with access to quality and world-class medical services at affordable prices.

3.As a facilitator, MEDGREECE I.K.E.. commits itself to the Global Healthcare Model and offers to their clients:

a.value of choice – to help Patients make independent, informed and free decisions relating to their healthcare,

b.value for money – overseeing the treatment processes and ensuring that the quality promised is the quality delivered,

c.continuum of care – ensuring that the Patients are provided with the appropriate care throughout the process, from commencement of treatment to the follow-up care upon returning to their country of origin.

d.transparency – making its function and dealings transparent.

MEDGREECE I.K.E.’s staff adheres to Codes of Ethics and Practice that demonstrates its commitment to the attainment of best practice in the provisioning of remote healthcare.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. upholds moral values and exercises professional judgment consistent with the established ethics of the medical profession.

6.The commercial interest must always remain subservient to the health and well-being of the Patient and to ethical practice in provisioning health and well-being.



MEDGREECE I.K.E.. ensures ethical practice and Patient advocacy in the provision of best healthcare to Patients travelling for medical treatment in Greece and Cyprus.

2.Under this agreement, MEDGREECE I.K.E.. Is obliged to ensure that all contracted services are delivered to the Recipient, as set out in this contract. MEDGREECE I.K.E.. acts as a medical tourism facilitator and an agent of selected Medical Care Providers who perform the medical services directly to the Recipient. MEDGREECE I.K.E.. ensures that all medical services provided by the Medical Care Providers with which it cooperates, are performed by the medical personnel with appropriate qualifications in accordance with the applicable law.

MEDGREECE I.K.E.. as an agent of selected Medical Care Providers is financially related to these Providers and collects the remuneration for concluding contracts between Patients and Medical Care Providers.



1.The total price is pre-agreed between all parties involved and attached to this agreement in appendix 1.

2.The price include:

a.The pre-agreed Total price does not include any tests considered necessary during pre-assessment or diagnosis for some treatments, or as a result of a pre-existing condition, or exposure or vulnerability to any condition of the Patient,

b.in case of infertility treatment – assisted hatching, an upgrade from standard IVF to ICSI or PICSI and other additional services which were not invoiced prior to travel as they are decided on later, while the Patient is at the clinic,

The pre-agreed Total price does not include hotel bills –additional services – as meals, use of telephone, laundry, etc.

d.stay at accommodation is not booked through MEDGREECE I.K.E..

e.flights – is not booked through MEDGREECE I.K.E…

3.Services presented in the § 3 point 2 AND 2/a should be paid directly by the Recipient to the institution that provides this supplementary services, minus the Policy Fee – Deposit



1.The Recipient is obliged to cooperate with MEDGREECE I.K.E.., especially to give all requested information and send all requested documents which are necessary for the appropriate arrangement of the medical services and other services covered by this contract.

MEDGREECE I.K.E.. assumes no responsibility or liability for non-performance or an undue performance of this contract caused by Recipient’s lack of cooperation.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. will maintain confidentiality of any personal information concerning Patients that was revealed to it in its course of business.
MEDGREECE I.K.E. agrees that (i) the Confidential Information will be kept strictly confidential, (ii) the Interested Party and its Representatives will not disclose, divulge or communicate any of the Confidential Information to any person, firm or entity other than medical staff involved in Patient’s treatment.



1.The treatment itself is subject to a contract between the Recipient and the Medical Care Provider undertaking the treatment.

MEDGREECE I.K.E.’s staff are not medical professionals and will not discuss or advise on any issues relating to medical treatment.
MEDGREECE I.K.E. assumes no responsibility or liability for any treatment or other services rendered by Medical Care Providers, or for any malpractice claims and other claims that may arise directly or indirectly from any such advice, treatment or other services. These aspects are governed by the terms and conditions of the Recipient’s treatment contract with the Medical Care Provider.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. assists the Recipient in contacting the surgeon by phone/video conference if necessary.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. assumes no responsibility or liability if the Medical Care Provider decides that the Recipient is not fit enough to undergo surgery and has to return without the planned treatment. In this case the Recipient is entitled to refund of any unspent balance of his treatment cost. The cost of tests, consultations and other incurred costs will be deducted from that balance.  The administration fee is non-refundable and will also be deducted.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. and Medical Care Provider will not accept liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, caused by the Recipient’s failure to follow the instructions and advice given by the Medical Care Provider or Treatment Europe Ltd.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. will not accept liability, direct or indirect, for any loss or damage arising as a result of the services performed by the Medical Care Provider.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. does not guarantee the success of the planned medical procedures. There is no refund or discount for unsuccessful procedures, however this can be a subject of an agreement between the Recipient and the Medical Care Provider.
MEDGREECE I.K.E.. assumes no responsibility or liability for failure to provide or improper provision of the service, caused by force majeure, such as facility utility disruption, transportation strikes, or adverse weather conditions.



1.Either party can terminate the medical tourism facilitation contract at any time by giving a written notice. In this case the party terminating the contract is obliged to reimburse the other party for any costs incurred in performance of this agreement.  The Recipient is also obliged to pay the administration fee.

2.Records kept by Treatment Europe Ltd shall be sufficient to reflect all costs incurred in performance of this agreement.



1.Any complaint of the Recipient should be communicated first to MEDGREECE I.K.E.. by calling 00302167005555. or by e-mail to info@medgreece.eu

MEDGREECE I.K.E.. will respond to all complaints in writing or by email within 14  business days from the date it was received.

3.If the Recipient is not satisfied with the manner in which his complaint has been handled, he may ask an external complaint’s services to review his case. The review does not prejudice the Recipient’s right to commence a legal action. The external complains service is fully owned and managed by third parties, which act independently of the MEDGREECE I.K.E. and the Medical Providers.



4.In matters not covered by this general terms and conditions the Greek general commerce regulations of law are applicable to the medical tourism facilitation contract.

5.All the parties involved choose the Greek law as applicable to this Contract and in any case the Greek Courts are responsible for any dispute