MedGreece organization

is part of a group of companies, based in Athens – Greece, with specialization in Health -Medical Insurances, Private Medical Treatment and Health Care.

We are Leading Boutique Tourism Facilitator  in well-being, wellness and medical tourism.

Our experience

More than 30 years in Health – Medical Personal Insurances

Over 15 years in the Greek State & Private Primary & Secondary Health Sector

Our network

Specialties of doctors 24/7 for treatment in your accommodation
Diagnostic Centers - Clinics
Private Hospitals
Specialised Law Firms
U.K. Telemedicine company

Our unique advantages

We are the first and the sole Medical Tourism Facilitator in Greece, truly independent from any private Hospital and Clinic, with extensive experience in the field of Insurance, Private Health and Medical Treatment
Our Company is completely independent from any Insurance Company, local or foreign. Therefore we can fully dedicate our time to providing you, with our best services that works in your best interests.
MedGreece maintains an organized network of specialized doctors i.e. GP, General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Dentists, as well as specialized lawyers in bodily injuries and expert researchers.

What's more?

MEDGREECE is the sole Greek Boutique Facilitator for direct booking for medical treatment with specific leading clinics in the capital cities of Greece and Cyprus

Our selected medical partners offer specific advantages in terms of

  • specialized medical treatments
  • the most affordable predefined international costs.


The international experience of our partners (Hospitals & Clinics), is your guaranty.

Our advantages, is your profit.

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