As a leading medical tourism company in Greece we are the first and the sole truly independent Medical Tourism Facilitator in Greece, with extensive experience and expertise in the field of Private Health and Medical Treatment.

We have been adhering to high-quality standards for assessing and selecting hospitals for patients for more than 15 years and for organizing the full-service package.

All hospitals presented on the MED GREECE platform are healthcare facilities with the highest accreditation and a long history.

Thus, working with us will save you both time and money.

But most of all will guarantee therapy from accredited experts.

Choosing MED GREECE for Medical Treatment in Greece you get Greek surgeons and physicians which are among the most skilled and educated in the world.

Medical treatment in Greece is easily the top in the region and among the best across the globe.


By booking medical services via Med Greece, patients receive the necessary service and full medical support, as well as save on diagnostics and treatment from 40% up to 70%, as compared to a direct contact with the clinic.

Full transparency of financial relations

You know all the costs before your visit to the Diagnostic Centers and Clinics. We offer the most advantageous, economical and final prices, without any hidden charges

Transparency of Payments

Payments are made at the end of the service to the Hospital’s or Clinic’s Bank account

Transparency of calculations allows for an accurate tracking of the final cost and direction of expenditure of funds.

Qualification Assessment

We conduct an annual qualification assessment of all hospitals and Clinics in Greece and on the basis of analytics and the preferred cost we recommend to you the most specialized medical institution.


At MedGreece, we realize that every patient is unique and has distinct needs. No two cases are exactly alike.

As part of our comprehensive approach to medicine, we provide a multitude of specialists that work together to bring individualized care to each of our patients.


Timely care is provided to all our patients, and treatments are designed in accordance with the patient’s outcome wishes.

We make sure to utilize every expert, therapy, and treatment at our disposal to give our patients the medical outcome they desire.