MedGreece treats every patient like its only patient!

Our mission is to ensure price transparency and quality into the medical tourism market, and to provide patients from any country with the opportunity to receive the necessary treatment abroad with maximum comfort.

Direct contracts with hospitals and medical competence

MEDGREECES patients receive a standard cost, the same as Greek citizens, which is more than 50% lower than the one, offered internationally.

The concept of the platform allows a patient to choose an appropriate program on his own. The hospital confirms all the selected treatment programs with respect to their appropriateness and possible adjustments in accordance with the indications of the patient’s attached medical records

Why MedGeece should be your first choice

  • Transparent pricing

    It is easy to know what you are paying for. All medical care programs on the MED GREECE website are described in detail. Patients receive a detailed description of medical services provided by the hospital as well as relevant services from MED GREECE.

  • Payment directly to the hospital

    All hospitals presented on MEDGREECE platform are healthcare facilities with the highest accreditation and a long history. For all hospital services customers pay directly at the place or via bank transfer. If you do not have a credit card, a cash prepayment is required.

  • Booking Deposit Payment

    We charge ONLY a deposit booking payment deposit of 100 € which is deducted from the total outstanding account with your Hospital for your treatment

  • Deposit refund

    If a user cancels the medical package 30 days prior to the scheduled date of supply of the related services, the Deposit payment is refunded, on account of the information / reservation processing services that were offered through the platform.

  • Cost of treatment

    Our direct contracts with medical institutions guarantee better prices on all medical care programs for MEDGREECE.

Analytics of the market of medical services

According to the requirements of the international quality standard, we carefully approached the selection of hospital partners. When recommending a certain healthcare facility to patients, first of all we use the system-statistical approach.

When analyzing the annual qualification report of the hospitals and collecting data from patients, we pay attention to several mandatory items in the hospital report, the main of which are:

  • Number of surgical procedures performed and percentage of successful ones
  • Hospital specialization when it comes the patient’s disease
  • Lack of complications, patient safety
  • Introduction of advanced technologies and hospital’s equipment level
  • Level of competence of the medical personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

  • If you visit the English version of MEDGREECE’s official site (WWW.MEDGREECE.EU), you can find information about our International Medical Tourism Division.
  • Our emails come from info@medgreece.eu, showing that we are official, direct representatives and not agents.
  •  All phone calls to MEDGREECE can be transferred directly to our International Medical Tourism Division.
  • Inspect the contact information provided by our website. We publish our complete contact information in many places. Note that we list our address as: Idomeneos 159 Athens Ilion 13121 Greece; this is the official location of MEDGREECE CO. Our physical address is therefore a clear confirmation that we are who we say we are.

Important Payment Information

We accept payment via bank trasfer, or via credit/debit card. MEDGREECE and or our collaborators (Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors) are not accepting any personal checks. If you elect to pay with a credit card, please be aware that the payment will be charged fully in €

NOTE: According to the Greek law regarding cash payments states that you are only allowed to pay in cash for any goods or services up to an amount of 500 €

No. MEDGREECE does not provide the option of opening a line of credit for treatment. The acceptable methods of payment are: cash and credit card.

In general, all payment fees are paid by the payer to the Hospital or Clinic for transparency reasons.

We charge ONLY a deposit booking payment of 100 € which is deducted from the total outstanding account with your Hospital for your treatment

Upon your deposit booking payment is done, we will issue instantly a receipt for your deposit and your outstanding balance, which you will receive it via your mail

Final invoice upon full payment to the Hospital, you will receive it under Hospital’s letterhead from the Hospital or the Clinic in which you will have your treatment.

No, our comprehensive price list is not available for viewing. However, when you apply for treatment at our collaborated Hospital or Clinic, your costs will be outlined clearly

Medical Documentation

Submit your application via one of the following ways:

  • By email: info@medgreece.eu
  • By Fax: 00302168090857
  • Fill out our online form here

We will receive your application and contact you shortly.

  • A medical case manager from our Medical Tourism Division will receive your application and contact you with questions to collect the medical case history of your disease. Your answers will help us to design your initial assessment. At this point, your medical case manager will also instruct you about which medical documents you need to submit.
  • Send all requested and relevant medical documents to your medical case manager’s email. Be aware that we can only accept email attachments with a maximum size of 8 MB.
  • We will transfer these documents to a medical supervisor, who will prepare a treatment plan for your visit.
  • We will send you a general summary of your treatment plan, including a basic outline of all the tests and treatments that you will need. The estimated costs for all of these tests and treatments will also be provided.

Your medical case manager will give you a detailed list of all the relevant medical documentation that we need. It is important to note that all of these items must be submitted in English. In general, these documents include:

  • All relevant clinical records
  • Test results
  • Preliminary or final diagnosis
  • Biopsy and other histological examinations (if applicable)
  • CT and MRI scans
  • Surgical report

No. All medical documents – without exception – must be provided in English. However, that doesn’t mean you can just enter your medical documents into an automated translation program online. It is best to have your medical documents translated professionally by someone who is experienced in the correct medical vocabulary. Remember – accuracy is critical when it comes to your medical documents. That’s why we typically recommend using a medical translator with the appropriate expertise.

We cooperate with a specialized in medical issues translation company.

You can send the documents to the translation company directly or to us and the translation cost is yours

The clinic or the doctor who will be your therapist who then provides your assessment and treatment plan.

No. Our staff at MEDGREECE is pleased to offer this service free-of-charge for people who are interested in finding out more about treatment via our International Medical Tourism Division. Our comprehensive review of your documents and preparation of your initial assessment and treatment plan is complimentary, with no obligation.

Hotel bookings are better to be closed from your origin country, through packages that foreign Tour Operators offer.

As Greece and Athens specially is one of the most popular destinations, major Tour Operators can offer toy you better prices, than direct Hotel Booking.

Yes – it is important to us that every patient always understands what is going on. We as your medical coordinator will accompany you during all testing procedures and consultations. If necessary, your medical coordinator will also provide language interpretation. Also, your medical coordinator will prepare all of the relevant medical documents before your tests and appointments.