Yachting Medical Assistance Cover (Sailboats 2 – 6 passengers)

372.00 Inc. VAT


The cost of the Yachting Medical Assistance Policy is final and includes all guests listed on the official passenger list, which is signed and stamped by the port authorities on the day of embarkation, for the whole period of the cruise.

The Yachting Medical Assistance Policy must be purchased before the embarkation date in order to be considered valid.

24/7 Medical Assistance Covers

  •  Free Telemedicine (English speaking) for the entire duration of the cruise, for initial medical assessment of the incident and instructions.
  • 1 Free Medical treatment on board of 1 (one) charterer passenger with visit of a Doctor on board of the vessel or transfer of the charterer passenger to the medical office, in case of a medical emergency.
  • Free medical examinations in a private Clinic according to the Doctor’s instructions

  1 Free U/S Scan for any body part in case of accident or illness, according to Doctor’s consultation. (Adults & Kids)
1 Free X-ray for any body part in case of accident or illness, according to Doctor’s consultation. (Adults & Kids)
1 General Blood Test in case of accident or illness according to Doctor’s consultation. (Adults & Kids)

  • Free on board Blood Taking
  • Free Pharmaceutical prescription.
  • Free Consultation – Assistance for EUHC Card Holders.
  • Free Consultation for Hospitalization in a Private Hospital if needed.

Predefined Medical Costs

Secure your costs for unpredictable medical expenses you have to pay from your own pocket, with predefined costs for medical treatments.

One Day Clinic (Medical costs i.e. examinations etc. are excluded)

O.D.C. 1 Hour    150 €

O.D.C. 3 Hours   250 €

O.D.C. 12 Hours 400 €

On Board Treatments or in the Clinic

Triplex, U/S Scan, X-Ray 150 €

Heart Triplex plus Cardiogram 190 €

On Board Paramedical Nursing Assistance,

On Board PCR Test 70 € – 150€ / person

PCR Test at the Clinic 40 € / person

Ambulance 100 € (Attica region)


If a clinic is available in the areas of your cruise, the aforementioned medical treatments will be administered there.

Your email policy provides detailed information regarding the locations where clinics are available. Also read Geographical Coverage section.

Get your local 24/7 Greek Medical Assistance Cover today,

or let us send you a friendly reminder a month before your anticipated embarkation date.

Geographical coverage

Your email policy contains the details of all the marinas, where the Doctor will visit you on board.

ATHENS – ATTICA COAST LINE 24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center – Private Hospital

5 marinas

ARGO – SARONIC GULF 24/7 Doctor Availability

6 marinas


 ANDROS  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

2 marinas

SYROS  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

3 marinas

PAROS – ANTIPAROS 24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

6 marinas

TINOS  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 5pm

1 marina

NAXOS  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

1 marina

IOS  24/7 Doctor Availability

 1 marina

AMORGOS 24/7 Doctor Availability

2 marinas


ITHAKI   24/7 Doctor Availability

1 marina

KEFALONIA  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

7 marinas

ZAKINTHOS 24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center 9am – 9pm

9 marinas

CORFU  24/7 Doctor Availability – Diagnostic Center

6 marinas

All the Legal actions against the Third Party according to Greek Legislation, are described in details in your policy email

  • Free initial Consultation for any Legal dispute in case of an accident or any other incident arising from Third Party Liability.
  • No Win No Fee:  We offer you legal representation according to the Greek Low, in case of bodily injury, due to an accident arising from Third Party Liability, without having to pay any legal fee in advance.

How it works

Your Policy cover all the guests mentioned on the official passengers list, for the whole period of the cruise.

Telemedicine Platform

Before you embark, make sure to connect to our telemedicine platform.

Simply follow the instructions in our follow-up policy email, which we will send to you a maximum 48 hours prior to your embarkation, and be connected with top medical professionals online and ensure that you’re prepared for any health-related situation while cruising.

In the unlikely event of a medical incident, firstly contact our telemedicine platform and follow Doctor’s advices and instructions.

If the telemedicine doctor insists for an onboard treatment, contact our 24/7 Help Line and we will send ASAP a GP (General Practitioner) for your medical treatment.

Note that only the person whose billing information is in our records, can contact our Telemedicine platform and 24/7 Help Line, for initial instructions and consultations.

 Regarding Doctor’s visit on board & Medical examinations.

If the telemedicine doctor recommends a doctor’s visit on the boat, it is the responsibility of the skipper, to guide the vessel to the closest area or marina listed in the policy email (Terms & Conditions) where there is 24/7 doctor availability, for medical treatment.

A  General Practitioner will come as soon as possible, based on his availability and the needs of other patients, prior to your call.

Our General Practitioner may ask for the policy email and passenger list, for verification and will provide an initial assessment and medical treatment according to Greek Medical Legislation, for General Practitioners.

If additional treatments are needed for other passengers as well (1 or 2 according to your policy), the patients must pay the doctor directly.

If there is a clinic – diagnostic center available in the area where you receive our Doctor’s treatment, you are entitled to receive the free medical examinations as specified in your policy.

Your policy email contains detailed information about the locations of our available clinics.

If you need to be examined by a different and specific specialist as advised by the General Practitioner, you should follow Doctor’s instructions and seek treatment from an available specialist in the general areas of your cruise. (Our Doctor will give you specific directions and instructions).

Note that the cost of this medical treatment is not included in your free services

GDPR – Medical Records

Due to GDPR Compliance we never get copy of your medical report from the telemedicine Doctor and / or our GP Doctor and / or any other medical examination of yours.

Medical reports, Medical exams and / or results, are delivered only to the patients personally, in hard copy and / or via their personal e-mail.

Right of Cancellation – Refund Terms

Information on the consumer’s Right of Cancellation & Refunds according to E.U. Legislation

You have the Right to cancel your policy within 14 days of paying for it, as long as you do it at least 24 hours prior to your embarkation on your boat.

You have to send your cancelation note to our e-mail sales@medgreece.eu with full details of your billing info.

If you do cancel according to the above, you should get full refund.

E.U. Legislation


216 900 3333 Help Line

We’re available on call 24/7 to provide you, with the care and assistance you need.