Visiting Greece for holidays or yachting?

Make sure to understand the exclusions in your travel insurance policy, concerning your medical coverage, while being in Greece.

Standard travel insurance policies typically cover 2 things:

· Cancelations, loss of baggage etc

· Medical Cover during the travel

However, there are several limitations and exclusions in your medical cover, to be aware of:

-Limited Coverage: Travel medical coverage is commonly restricted to hospitalization, with various medical exclusions, exclusively intended for severe accidents.

-Standard travel insurance policies exclude several illnesses and diseases during your travel.

-Hospitalization is provided in private hospitals, mainly located in capital cities of each country. Ιn Greece, private hospitals exist only in Athens. In simple terms, if you spend your holidays outside Athens, you have no coverage.

-Your Travel insurance does not provide you 24/7 doctor’s visit at your accommodation, leaving you with no option for your local emergency medical assistance.

-Lack of local Medical Network: Travel insurance companies do not have own network of local doctors and clinics for emergency medical assistance, in every area where you spend your holidays in Greece.

-As a result of the medical exclusions in your travel insurance policy, you are obliged to pay significant medical costs out of your own pocket.

-If you are 70 years or older or if you have medical problems, you are excluded from medical cover while being abroad.

-Travel insurance does not provide you local Legal assistance.

-Your company’s Help Line is located a thousand miles away from your local Greek accommodation.

Fill the gaps in your travel insurance and enjoy 24/7 instant medical assistance from local doctors and clinics.

Live your journey, leave your worries

Secure your Local Medical Assistance, prior to your trip.


-Free telemedicine for the whole period of your holidays

-24/7 Free doctor’s visit in your accommodation in case of an emergency

-Free medical exams in private clinics for emergency needs

-Free local Legal Assistance

-Predefined medical costs in case of emergency

-24/7 local Help Line for medical consultation

  • Without medical questionnaires
  • Without age limits
  • Without medical exclusions
  • Secure your costs for unpredictable medical expenses you have to pay from your own pocket, with predefined costs for medical treatments
  • Be covered for accidents that occur from sports or leisure activities
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations

Stay safe, be protected, and make the most of your summer adventures.
Secure your Local 24/7 Medical Assistance Policy prior to your trip.


Wherever you are in Greece or on your cruise, you have 24/7 coverage.

Don’t let the limitations of standard travel insurance policies leave you vulnerable.
Choose your comprehensive medical assistance policy for complete peace of mind during your visit in Greece.

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