Total Hip Replacement

9,600.00 Inc. VAT

Dr. Granitsas deals with electie orthopaedics, mainly with hip and knee and he is approied
by MEDACTA, the leading company on joint replacement, using the anterior minimal
iniasiie approach for the hip replacement and the custom made knee, which has robotc
accuracy. Both techniques are considered as state of art and giie impressiie results, he uses
the premises of the Athens Medical Group hospitals and in Cyprus those of the American
Medical Center (American Heart Insttute) in Nicosia.

Total hip replacement. The state of art, AMIS technique is used. This is an anterior minimal
iniasion surgery with no fear of dislocaton post op, minimal blood loss and full weight
bearing from day one. Hospitalizaton is only 3 days. We use the premises of the American
medical center in Nicosia, Cyprus, one of the best hospitals around Europe. The cost is 9600
euros, you get a full treatment, a medacta implant, a large 2 bed room and English speaking
personnel. There is no other hidden cost. You don’t get air tckets and accommodaton for
your companion