VIP Health checkup

370.00 Inc. VAT

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Full Blood Test 20 Exams

Full Blood Count (RBC, WBC, HCT, Hb, platelets etc), General Urine test , Glucose,   Cholesterol,  HDL,  LDL,  Triglycerides,  K+,  Na,  CRP, Total Lipids,  Uric acid, Urea,  Creatinine  SGOT , SGPT

10 U/S Scans Full Body

Liver (chololithiasis, tumor, hemangioma, infections), Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen, Urinary bladder, Female Genitalia, Prostate, Groin (check for hernias), Kidneys.

Triplex of the Abdominal Aorta

ECG from a cardiologist

Clinical examination

Doctor΄s and Nurse’s Fees included.

Visiting Athens for holidays or business trip?

Check your health in the comfort of your Hotel room, or AirBnb

You can arrange your Health Check according to your travel program

High quality portable ultrasound equipments, in order to increase your diagnostic confidence, in your relaxed environment.

Fully qualified licensed Sonographers (U/S specialists) and nurses at your convenience

No need for a GP referral.

Instant Results Summary

Study of results by the General Practitioner, discussion with the patient, instructions, advice (dietary etc)

Medical Translation from experts

Free Pharmaceutical Prescription

English-speaking medical and nursing staff available